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  1. Distressed Opportunity?

    February 18, 2015

    They say “A pessimist finds a problem in every opportunity and an optimist finds an opportunity in every problem”. The recent sharp downturn in the oil price has certainly hurt many parts of the oil and gas sector – and some of the sectors that go with it – and, let’s be honest, there has been no dearth of pessimists. But with every situation of rapid change there will be winners and losers and in the E&P space now the situation will be no different. One of the intriguing things when you examine the debt markets for independent in the US and EMEA is how little they have in common. Some of you may have read our magnum opus “Reserve Based Finance: A tale of two markets” which looks, some would say in excruciating detail, at the differences between the US and International RBL markets. more…

  2. Restructuring and Insolvency in the United States: overview

    January 26, 2015

    B-I-C Evan Flaschen and Ilia O’Hearn recently co-authored the United States Q&A for Practical Law‘s Restructuring and Insolvency Multi-jurisdictional Guide. For the full Q&A click here.

  3. Chapter 11 Reform or Re-Form? ABI Proposes Wholesale Changes to Bankruptcy Law

    December 8, 2014

    Extra Extra Read All About It. It was a cataclysmic weekend in college football for the Big 12 conference. The college football playoff committee elevated the one-loss Ohio State Buckeyes (Big 10) into the fourth and final slot in the inaugural College Football Playoff, taming a one-loss Baylor Bears (Big 12) sloth and a one-loss TCU Horned Frogs (Big 12) colony in the process. Some naysayers may look to the Big 12’s soft schedules and the absence of a league tiebreaker game as drivers of the committee’s decision. Others may cite to the Buckeyes’ 59-0 drubbing of a Top 20 opponent in Saturday night’s Big 10 championship game as the deciding factor. more…

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Icarus Flies Again

If you fail and fail and fail
Is fourth time the charm?


Chinese company
US public bondholders
Welcome to Wuxi

Mariano Rivera

Number 42
Is now 43 years old
Makes Jeter look young


Two troubled airlines
Will merged airline be better?
I prefer the train

Prescription for Recovery

We could use more jobs
And fewer politicians
It is that simple

Wall Street

Bulls, Bears make money
Pigs become hogs, get slaughtered
Wall Street ever thus

Premature Exit

I made a killing
When I sold my Apple shares
…At Eighty-Six, sigh

Dealus Interruptus

Need to settle claim
No one answering my calls
Dog days of Summer

Oakland Athletics

My beloved A’s
Lowest payroll, kicking ass
Who needs Bash Brothers?


Plan finally confirmed
Goodbye, Chapter Eleven
No. Appeals? Really?

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Evan D. Flaschen

As Blogger-in-Chief Evan Flaschen approaches his office in his signature Tommy Bahama shirt, shorts and sandals, the classic Ozzy Osbourne song “Crazy Train” is cranked to 11. With a 7-foot giraffe statue peering over one shoulder, a life-size Abe Lincoln cut-out over the other and Bloomberg news on his wall TV, Evan sits in front of his four computer screens, two speakerphones and wireless headset and takes on the restructuring world with a passion and a smile. (more…)

Martin, Dee BW Web_72dpi

Dee Martin

Many people talk about wanting to make a difference, but Dee Martin has been doing it all her life. In fact, whether she’s spending time at the Ngamba Island Chimpanzee sanctuary in Uganda or flying home after attending the Fortune Magazine Most Powerful Women Summit as an invited guest, Dee Martin is always wearing her advocacy hat.  (more…)

Brunette, Jeris BW Web_72dpi

Jeris Diana Brunette

Jeris may be the only Basis Points contributor who can say “credit transaction” in five different languages. During college and law school, she immersed herself in Spanish, Czech and Finnish, tossing in a study abroad term in Russia, for good measure.  (more…)


Mark E. Dendinger

The ability to excel in golf certainly lends itself to the ability to excel in other technically complex pursuits—like the practice of law. Why? According to golf guru Jim Flick, “Golf is 90 percent mental,…and the other 10 percent is mental.”  (more…)


Ilia M. O’Hearn

While growing up in Puerto Rico, Ilia developed a love and talent for numbers. Rather than playing with dolls, she preferred to play with an adding machine while she helped her grandfather manage the books for his local gas station business. (more…)

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