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  1. Flaschen Shows Owners How to Play Chapter 11 Game

    June 30, 2014

    Thanks to all that submitted a haiku about the 2014 FIFA World Cup™. Speaking of the World Cup, Basis Points BIC aka Blogger-in-Chief Evan Flaschen catches up with TradeWinds and explains how a  lengthy Chapter 11 bankruptcy fight is quite comparable to Team USA’s 2-1 victory over Ghana this past Sunday. Click here to read the full article.

    Back to the Annual Haiku contest, — There are two more chances to win Rudy’s tickets, with our next contest kicking off July 16.

  2. Curbing GHG Emissions – Good for the Environment, Bad for Investors?

    June 5, 2014

    On June 2, 2014, EPA issued a proposed rule to control greenhouse gas emissions (GHGs) from the electric power generation sector of the United States. EPA’s goal is to obtain a reduction of GHG emissions in 2030 from this sector of 30% from the baseline year 2005. The 2005 baseline allows EPA to take credit for GHG emission reductions that have occurred since that time without any regulatory obligation. The proposal establishes GHG emission targets for each State (expect the District of Columbia and Vermont who do not have goals under the rule). Interim emission targets must be obtained in the 2020-2029 timeframe with final targets obtained by 2030. more…

  3. Oregon Bankruptcy Court Throws Out Pre-Bankruptcy Waiver

    May 12, 2014

    The inclusion of pre-bankruptcy waivers in “standard issue” credit documents has generated a host of litigation in bankruptcy cases about the enforceability of such provisions. While certain waivers among creditor classes have been called “safe” (e.g., a junior creditor waiving the right to object to actions by a more senior creditor), bankruptcy courts have generally balked at upholding waivers by a debtor of fundamental bankruptcy rights, such as the right to commence a chapter 11 case. The usual rationale cited for striking down such provisions is that they violate public policy and prevent the orderly reorganization that Chapter 11 is designed to foster.  more…

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Icarus Flies Again

If you fail and fail and fail
Is fourth time the charm?


Chinese company
US public bondholders
Welcome to Wuxi

Mariano Rivera

Number 42
Is now 43 years old
Makes Jeter look young


Two troubled airlines
Will merged airline be better?
I prefer the train

Prescription for Recovery

We could use more jobs
And fewer politicians
It is that simple

Wall Street

Bulls, Bears make money
Pigs become hogs, get slaughtered
Wall Street ever thus

Premature Exit

I made a killing
When I sold my Apple shares
…At Eighty-Six, sigh

Dealus Interruptus

Need to settle claim
No one answering my calls
Dog days of Summer

Oakland Athletics

My beloved A’s
Lowest payroll, kicking ass
Who needs Bash Brothers?


Plan finally confirmed
Goodbye, Chapter Eleven
No. Appeals? Really?

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Flaschen_Evan BW Web_72dpi

Evan D. Flaschen

As Blogger-in-Chief Evan Flaschen approaches his office in his signature Tommy Bahama shirt, shorts and sandals, the classic Ozzy Osbourne song “Crazy Train” is cranked to 11. With a 7-foot giraffe statue peering over one shoulder, a life-size Abe Lincoln cut-out over the other and Bloomberg news on his wall TV, Evan sits in front of his four computer screens, two speakerphones and wireless headset and takes on the restructuring world with a passion and a smile.  (more…)

Mayr, Kurt bw_web_72dpi

Kurt A. Mayr

While Kurt Mayr successfully cut his legal teeth in the dog-eat-dog world of “Big Law” on Wall Street, he has another side too. Kurt enjoys spending his spare time at his family’s Vermont farmhouse, built in 1763, where he pursues his other passion, woodworking.  (more…)

OHearn, Ilia BW 96dpi

Ilia M. O’Hearn

While growing up in Puerto Rico, Ilia developed a love and talent for numbers. Rather than playing with dolls, she preferred to play with an adding machine while she helped her grandfather manage the books for his local gas station business. (more…)


David L. Lawton

A childhood case of glossophilia led David Lawton on a journey to five continents, where he spent time studying languages, immersion-style. Notably, he spent nearly five years as a bon vivant in France earning a License ès Lettres from Université de Montpellier III, where he helped lead the basketball team to the national tournament semi-finals. (more…)

McGinley, Elizabeth B&W web_72dpi

Elizabeth L. McGinley

Who chooses to take multiple philosophy courses on top of an accounting major? Someone who’s creative and analytical as well as systematic and practical. That’s Elizabeth McGinley. (more…)

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