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And the Winners Are…

With Labor Day upon us, we have reached the unofficial end of the summer and the official end of the “Win Rudy’s Tickets” contest. Again this year the Blogger-In-Chief has enjoyed the poetry of all the Basis Points readers. Some months picking the winners have been harder than others, but he commends everyone for their valiant efforts.

Now the BIC needs to return to his poetry roots and keep the haiku coming.

Congratulations to this final round of winners.

The Winners

Bill Kelly, The Hartford
Mister November
October was Grand
Day games and Foliage Bright
Now Nights Dark and Cold”
Andrew Watson, Millstein & Co.
New York vs. Detroit
We might lose in baseball, but
At least we’re solvent”
Brendan Ryan, Aviva Investors
Tee Times in October
Yanks have the payroll
But A’s have the arms. Guess who
Will Get to Golf First?