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Win Rudy’s Tickets

It was fun while it lasted, but alas the 2014 World Cup™ is over. Congratulations to our contest winners who, like great soccer players, showed skill and versatility in penning their vitriolic poetic reflections on favorite World Cup moments.

And now, Basis Points® readers, let’s get back to baseball.

It wouldn’t be baseball season without an All-Star Game and the recent 2014 MLB All-Star Game, Derek Jeter’s final one, did not disappoint. Fan favorites Mike Trout, Andrew McCutchen and Miguel Cabrera had good moments, but the evening was essentially an all-star send-off for “The Captain.” For the next installment of our contest, the B-I-C  is challenging readers to pen their best haiku on Jeter himself, or their All-Star Game player of choice. We will be giving away tickets to the August 4, 7:05pm game where the Yanks will destroy the Tigers.

All submissions are due by July 24. Winners will be notified the next day.

To reiterate, these are primo seats. We’re talking second row directly behind home plate plus a gourmet meal in the Legends Club. Those who amuse the B-I-C the most receive one of the three coveted tickets, as well as all-star fame as we honor their haiku (and the honorable mentions) on our website.

If you don’t win this round, fret not. There will be one last chance next month. Check the Basis Points® blog regularly for contest updates and announcements.

To get you started, here are some all-star musings from the B-I-C himself on Mr. November’s last All-Star game:

Captain Clutch
Twenty year Yankee
No tantrums, no drugs, all class
We tip our caps to thee

A Tale Of Two Champions
Jeter. Rodriguez.
Yankees stars. But Cooperstown
Awaits only one.

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