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And the Winners of Rudy’s Tickets Are…

Well, Basis Points readers, as Barbara Streisand once sang, “Memories, light the corners of my mind.” And with your latest entries into the “Win Rudy’s Tickets” giveaway, you, Basis Points readers, have cast a veritable floodlight on the cobwebbed crevices of your fondest baseball recollections. The B-I-C enjoyed walking with all of you down memory lane as you recounted in haiku your favorite teams from yesteryear.

Congratulations to this final round of winners, which included a tender ode to Hall-of-Famer Nolan Ryan, one of Texas’ teams, and a backhanded Cleveland Indians compliment.

Speaking of memories, we are sad to say that the 2014 “Win Rudy’s Tickets” contest will forever live in the past, as this marked our last installment for the season. The B-I-C enjoyed the poetry of all the Basis Points readers, especially those die-hard World Cup and Derek Jeter fans. (You know who you are…) As Summer baseball season turns to Fall, let’s fondly remember the poetry we made together this year as we hold onto fading hopes the Yankees have a future in the postseason.


Walt Evans, General Counsel
Go Further
Rangers in Seventy-Two
Led in Home Runs by Ted Ford
Thirteen was lucky
Zach Alpern, Investment Analyst
Childhood Couch Potato
Cleveland Indians
Wild Thing, I think I love you.
Real team? Not so much.
Andrew Milgram, Managing Partner
Nolan Ryan
Seven no hitters
A Met, Angel, Ranger but
Always an Astro