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And the Winners of Rudy’s Tickets Are…

Well, Basis Points readers, we’ve finished reviewing the entries for the second installment of this year’s “Win Rudy’s Tickets” contest, and the Blogger-in-Chief must confess that you all are All-Stars. However, several of you captured the magnificence of Derek Jeter better than your opponents. As your trophy, the B-I-C bestows upon you Mr. Giuliani’s coveted second-row seats, this month hosted by die-hard Yankees fan (and stellar litigator) Rachel Goldman.

Many of you had nothing but words of praise for “The Captain,” crafting bittersweet homages to mark the end of an era in Yankees history. Of course, we also have our honorable mentions, including the entrants who took a cheekier approach by focusing on Jeter’s reputation as a player on and off the field. The best entries of all came from Zach Alpern but, while the B-I-C is LMAO, only one of them is suitable (barely) as an Honorable Mention, while the rest are unprintable for a respectable law firm’s website!

If you didn’t win this month, don’t fret. You have one more chance to join the B-I-C or his specially chosen designated host in these primo seats. Our next contest kicks off August 20, so rest up and ice down that poetry-writing arm. We will even give you a hint – ever since the Kansas City A’s brought Reggie Jackson with them to the West Coast (near where the B-I-C grew up), the B-I-C has been a die-hard Oakland A’s fan!


Taylor Sperin, Investment Analyst
Monument Men
Ruth, DiMaggio,
Berra, Mantle, Gehrig, Ford,
Rivera, Jeter
Steven Miller, VP and Assistant General Counsel
The Captain
A youthful captain
Driving headlong without fear
Into Yankee lore
Parkin Lee, Senior VP and Chief Legal Officer
Oh Captain Jeter
Your fateful ship is sailing
Into memory


Taylor Sperin, Investment Analyst
On Deck
Move over Jeter,
It’s time for you to go now.
New York Yanks, play ball.
Zach Alpern, Investment Analyst
Aspire to Greatness
Five World Series Rings
Even more hot ex-girlfriends
Man for the ages.
Andrew Lipman, Head of Research
The magic of 2
A perfect part of 20
Cooperstown in 5.
Brendan Ryan, Research Analyst
Scratching the Itch
The burning feeling
Keeping him up at night time
Needs another ring?
Tom Hedus, Associate
Now What?
He brought us five rings
Twenty years of pure magic
Now, big shoes to fill.