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Bricks, mortar and books
Traditional retailing
Buried by Kindle

Bankruptcy in 2011

A Happy New Year
Hoping for lots of filings
Strange world we live in


Snow falling softly
Thoughts of family and friends
Time for reflection


Insulting offer
Nasty press releases fly
New offer, deal done

Lehman Bankruptcy

One hundred lawyers
Filing one hundred lawsuits
Lehman R.I.P.

Bankruptcy Judges

Lawyers rage in court
Briefs full of hyperbole
The Judge sifts it all

'Tis the Season

Christmas, Hannukkah
Kwanzaa, Ramadan
We celebrate for all and
For each and everyone

Whatever you believe
Together we walk tall
Peace on Earth and
Goodwill to us all

Sons of Gwalia

Sons of Gwalia
Shareholders are creditors?
Nope, not anymore!

Bankruptcy Laws Overseas

Bankruptcy reform
We need Chapter Eleven
No, you really don't

Bankruptcy Litigation

Vultures buy the bonds
They sue everyone in sight
The lawyers get rich

Law Firm Mergers

Firms are now merging
"To better serve their clients"
The clients don't care

G20 Meeting

The rich countries meet
One more silly shirt photo
The poor countries watch

Management Committee

They sweep into town
Talking listening judging
Decisions are made

New Lawyers

Fresh out of law school
Ready to take on the world
But the world just shrugs


A world upside down
Shareholder claims rank as debt
Sons of Gwalia


Four competing plans
Chaos and confusion reign
Will justice prevail?